Logitech G923 Racing Wheel And Pedals For Playstation 4 And 5/PC


  • TRUEFORCE next-gen technology
  • Connects directly to in-game engines
  • Simulate realistic race car launch assist
  • Colored LED lights display your RPM range
  • Integrated Xbox or PC controls and progressive brake spring
  • Polished pedals and a black leather wheel cover
  • On wheel game controls
  • Wheels and pedals work with most racing games
  • Compatible with Logitech G HUB gear and software
  • Built-in selection dial
  • Manufacturer’s 2-year warranty
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Take your favorite racing games to the next level with the G923 Racing Wheel and Pedals for Playstation 4 and 5/PC. This classic wheel design with polished pedals and a black leather wheel clover enhance realism and comfort. Simulate a realistic race car launch right from the controller. Take control of the race with colored LED lights that display your RPM range, as well as provide a progressive brake spring to keep you steady. And, the wheel and pedals work with most racing games, with extra titles specially designed for TRUEFORCE and it’s compatible with Logitech G HUB gear and software.

Next-gen racing.
Immerse yourself in realism. TRUEFORCE technology connects directly to the in-game engines, processing at 4,000 times per second.

Control your settings.
Stay in the driver’s seat with an in-game built-in selection dial. Adjust traction, torque, stability management, brake force and more as needed.

Set your preferences.
Control wheel sensitivity, force feedback levels and steering with on-wheel game controls. This fully integrates with your console or PC’s controls, so everything is at your fingertips.